Smart Parking Lot Management Systems

Latest technological solutions for the parking problems

About the company

Neat Neat innovative Smart Parking Lot Management Systems (SPLMS) truly overcomes parking problems that people face removing all barriers going in or out and allowing users to know where to park without searching.

SPLMS eliminates unnecessary parking related traffic and ensures optimum access and utilization of parking lot spaces.


Parking lots – lots of frustration.

Parking is a very common problem in Metropolitan cities.  Searching for parking costs Americans $73 Billion annually.  30% of traffic is created in searching for parking spaces. Congested metropolitan city centers and insufficient – overflowing parking lots around the world are a severe problem municipalities work hard to solve and a challenge that even governments are struggling to cope with.  Being late to every commitment or meeting has become an unspoken curse in big cities globally.

Overcrowded parking lots and related problems have also become a pressing matter for many suburban sites such as educational campuses, medical centers, industrial and commercial zones, sports stadiums and arenas, financial centers, shopping centers, amusement parks and airports.

Typical issues plaguing parking grounds are:

  • Clogged service roads and poorly shaped entrance gates that are source for constant frustration by visitors and customers. They affect traffic flow in-and-out as well as on adjacent roads and are often of poor design.
  • Navigating through ever-growing parking mazes is also an inconvenient chore.
  • Locating a free parking space is practically impossible.
    A parking space (when finally found) may be so remote from the original destination it makes accessing the desired site a formidable challenge.
  • Forgetting where car was left – parking lot customers often forget where they parked their car. this is a result of over-complex designs which are improperly indicated and missing clear signage.
  • Parking lot access and exit through ill-shaped gateways is awkward.
  • Picking up a parking ticket and paying for one in a machine or kiosk usually inconveniently located in a hidden spot are hurdles users regularly face.

Insufficient and inefficient parking lots confuse millions of customers and users daily and make for major losses of time, air and noise pollution, money and other resources while causing significant wastes of fuel and energy, as well as affecting individual health and sense of wellbeing.

Because of inefficient space management, parking operators often do not reach the maximum income potential available form their sites.