Understanding how and what can solve parking lot problems

Latest technological solutions solve parking problems

Technology now plays a huge role in smart cities and smart parking solutions are one of the most dominant areas where changes are already happening!

Not only does technology offer a real-time view of events, it also provides enormous amounts of data that with good analysis can provide insights into behaviours and trends, meaning operators can make informed decisions around future planning.

Neat Neat acknowledges that the key to making superior parking solutions is in making complete use of current technologies available like IoT smart sensors, recognition systems, Big Data, Machine Learning and  Cloud Technology while Apps working on smartphones are the preferred user interface.

Neat Neat Smart Parking Lot Management Solutions (SPLMS)

Remove all barriers going in or out and allow users to know where to park without searching.

Neat Neat proudly presents the latest Neat developments in Smart Parking Lot Management Solutions that remove all barriers going in or out and allow users to know where to park without searching. SPLMS eliminates unnecessary parking related traffic and ensures optimum access and utilization of parking lot spaces.

Our creative R&D team is well experienced with implementing IoT based solutions also in other mundane fields currently undergoing a sophistication revolution. We are experts in designing, implementing and deploying sophisticated SPLMS systems including purchase and installation of all hardware components.

Neat Neat is highly proficient with complex systems including various components such as intelligent software, recognition systems, smart IoT sensors coding, data extraction and clever analysis of available data, cloud computing, machine learning

Neat Neat SPLMS is an innovative system that brings IoT sophistication within easy reach of parking owners and operators improving every aspect of the business.Our systems are fully developed, scalable and ready to deploy in all parking lots regardless of size and location while providing information to smartphones and rich information to owners, operators (and even smart cities) via cloud technology.

Deployment of SPLMS removes all barriers going in or out and allows users to know where to park without searching. It results in greater parking efficiency, access, management, marked improvements in user experience and satisfaction. SPLMS means convenience for visitors and operators while providing significant advantages to communities; 

As, in addition, Neat Neat SPLMS can have a major role in smart city eco structure, bringing about improvements in convenience, congestion, air and noise pollution, energy consumption, urban mobility, lower costs, and the delivery of practical information and intelligence. 

Neat Neat revolutionary Smart Parking Lot Management Solution (SPLMS)

The major problems plague parking lots around the world are:

  • Poor access roads, oddly designed gateways
  • Inefficient ticketing systems on entrance and exit
  • Hard to navigate spaces
  • Great difficulty in locating a free parking space.
  • Available parking maybe remote from actual destination
  • Poorly indicated parking spaces and missing signage make navigation confusing.

Neat Neat innovative Smart Parking Lot Management Systems (SPLMS) truly overcomes parking problems that people face removing all barriers going in or out and allowing users to know where to park without searching.

Neat Neat state-of-the-art SPLMS is a single holistic complete solution that answers parking problems people face.
The system is scalable but can also be divided into various standalone components that provide partial solutions and, in any case, incorporates comprehensive technical innovation that feature the latest IoT and App technologies. Marked improvements in the parking experience show on any given premises.

SPLMS Key features removing all barriers and allowing users to know where to park without searching.

License plate recognition (LPR) camera technology

The most cost effective and efficient way to manage and ease entrance and exit to any parking lot. Directly linking a vehicle to its owner, LPR enables barrier-less parking lots, facilitating and optimizing entrance and exit and significantly improving incoming and outgoing traffic flow as well as traffic on access and service roads.

IoT-based devices

IoT-based devices fixed on each parking slot precisely monitor available parking. They send signals to nearby receivers that broadcast aggregated parking information to SPLMS where algorithms and machine learning constantly analyze the data.
With continuous live update about availability of all parking slots, the data is used to broadcast accurate parking information and optimal parking allocation to the smart parking guidance system which is a part of the Neat smartphone APP.

A Neat App

A Neat App – Neat Neat provides a smart universal application (Neat App) that functions as a friendly interface between customers and all parking lots participating in the program.

  • Neat App functions as the entrance and exit ticket, billing fees directly to vehicle owners and directly charging their bank account. 
  • (Visitors not having the app are still billed directly to the vehicle owners account. They may pay in available Neat Neat Pay & Drive machines if they do not want to charge the vehicle owner).
  • Neat App enables specifying purpose and destination of visit (customers input onto the system where they want to visit from a list of available options) so the system locates the best closest parking space available at the user’s choice.
  • Neat App parking allotment is optimized, and number of unused spaces is virtually nil.
  • Our Neat App with guidance directs users directly to their assigned parking space. A text message with details of the parking space is also generated by SPLMS for spaces where data reception is not optimized.
  • Neat App remembers the location of the parking space and allows quick navigation back to the vehicle.
  • Free parking spaces are indicated by BIG green lights. Occupied or already booked (a space that the systems allocated to a customer) spaces are indicated by BIG red lights.

Besides optimizing the location and access of the parking space, customers may get information like the size of the parking space and even nearby public transportation information if the suggestion is applicable and needed.

Benefits of Smart Parking Solutions

Neat Neat SPLMS has many significant benefits for parking operators as well as visitors.

Public Parking

Public parking lots are the worst suffering from parking issues. Setting up SPLMS in parking spaces in city-centers, near parks and attractions, museums, stadiums, shopping centers, hospitals and airports (amongst many others) will improve customer satisfaction and user experience, reduce traffic idle, unused parking spaces and increase revenue.

Corporate Parking

Corporate firms lose a more than acceptable amount of money from employees, visitors and business partners getting late due to parking issues. With SPLMS, employees, partners and visitors can easily access available parking spots in the building from their Neat APP on their mobile phone.

Event Parking

If you own a convention space where often events happen then a smart parking solution will be a lifesaver for every event hosted at your property. Your visitors can use an event parking app to find out the live available parking spot and also book the spot in advance.

Valet ? Not any more. With SPLMS every customer is a special VIP.

SPLMS makes expensive and labor rich Valet services redundant. Because SPLMS removes all barriers and allows users to know where to park without searching, every customer becomes a VIP. And, because Neat Neat SPLMS Neat APP informs its user of the optimized direct path to the closest available parking near a specified destination, every VIP customer gets the best available parking at no extra cost and no special charge. With SPLMS every customer gets treated to the best parking available, free of charge.

Pay & Drive

Neat Neat installs Pay & Drive machines that are interconnected to the License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera car park management system.
Pay & Drive machines are easy and simple to install. They are a stand alone Neat Neat car park management solution for operators wishing to keep barriers on.

With Pay & Drive, Neat Neat installs a small ticketing outlet at the entrance gate where the LPR camera registers the entrance data of vehicles on the system management component.

Payment machines are installed in key location where parking users are most comfortable using them.
Neat Neat payment machines are weatherproof, vandal resistant and robust, designed to withstand harsh conditions and rough treatment for considerable periods of time.

Our machines are configurable and can be customized for clients specific demands:

  • Payment options (cards, smart cards, notes, coins)
  • Screen type and size
  • Number and type of buttons
  • Printers

Neat Neat Pay & Drive machines interconnected with LPR provide a low cost friendly parking management and billing solution that automatically raises the barrier on exit when LPR detects a vehicle that already paid parking fees.

On exit, a card only based machine collects fees from drives who forgot to pay at the Pay & Drive machines.

Pay & Drive LPR management systems provides comprehensive reporting and account management and is signage designed and supplied.